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A leading manufacturer and importer of Industrial Bitumen Emulsion, Light Diesel Oil, Industrial Furnace Oil, Industrial Tyre Pyrolysis Oil, etc.
About Our Company

Dravyam Industries Private Limited is dedicated to providing our customers with a high-quality selection of industrial oils and fluids. We are always developing new formulae that are revolutionising the industry as a prominent manufacturer and importer. We see innovation as a chance to improve rather than a danger, which is why we adjust to changes in technology that are critical to the production of our array in a peaceful manner. We have worked hard and brought forth the most trustworthy range of Recycled Base Oil, Bitumen Emulsion, Industrial Power Oil, and so on throughout our company adventure. Before they are shipped out for distribution, they are quality tested by professionals. Each of these is put to the test in our huge factory. There, our products are put through their paces on high-end machinery to ensure their excellent performance, quality, and dependability. 

Years of dealing in industrial lubricants have taught us a lot about the sector, and we've learned that conducting market research can be quite beneficial in supplying the best products to clients. As a result, we have assembled a fantastic team of researchers and developers at our firm. They are up to date on the most recent research in the subject of tribology, which is the science of wear, friction, and lubrication. They come up with Eco-friendly strategies that assist us produce the best lubricant compositions for our customers by knowing the field and the target market.

Why Us?

  • We adhere to strict quality-control measures.
  • We conduct business in an ethical manner.
  • We provide high-quality lubricants at low prices.

Corporate Responsibility

The philosophy of our company is a well-recognized culture that incorporates environmental friendliness and quality management into our day-to-day operations. Every day, we strive to maintain the highest level of quality in our products such as Recycled Base Oil, Bitumen Emulsion, Industrial Power Oil, etc., as well as our companys efficiency while using environmentally friendly methods. We fulfil our corporate obligation to the environment and our clients by focusing on all of this. To benefit our employees and stakeholders by being ethical to our employees while also ensuring financial stability. This ensures that they are always pleased and satisfied.
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